We Are Expanding – Qualified Veterinary Nurses Required

Qualified Veterinary Nurses required to join our existing friendly team

Pet Nurses are thrilled to share the news that we are expanding and we are therefore in need of happy, responsible, fun and committed team members to walk our dogs and generally love on all the animals in our care.

Come and join our group of animal lovers and link arms with a company who care for both staff and those animals within their care alike.

The position involves walking dogs, nail clipping, bathing and grooming, home pet feeding and basic vehicle maintenance.  You should also hold a clean, Full UK Driving Licence and be a confident driver.  You should be literate as during quieter spells you will be involved in posting photographs and accompanying text to our social media platforms.

Qualified Veterinary Nurses Required

The areas we cover are: Bourne End, Cookham, Marlow, Maidenhead, Remenham, Wargrave, Henley-on-Thames, Twyford, Nettlebed, Flackwell Heath, Loudwater, Wooburn Green and Farnham Common.

The hours we would like you to work are from 8:30am to 5:30pm on a Monday through to Friday.  For more details please contact Louise on 07919 085097.

All at Pet Nurses look forward to welcoming you, as do Charlotte and the Poodles Alexandra and Nicholas. 


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A happy and cool lop-eared rabbit.

Rabbits Can’t Wear Raybans

Here come the daffodils and the woodland bluebells.  The promise of summer is over the hill with the sun beaming away to temperatures rising to 15’C.  We are definitely getting our first taste of Summer here in the UK, we can all feel it.  So what do we do to cool down? Pick up our Raybans, find a pool to dip into and sip on ice-cold lemonade.  That might be us cooled down, but what about our pets?  It’s simple to forget that animals feel just as uncomfortable in the heat as we do. Rabbits, indoors or outdoors can find it especially difficult to enjoy the hotter seasons as with the heat, come a few hazards to look out for.  Read through our Top 4 cool suggestions to get a refreshing bounce in your rabbits hop this summer!

Tip 1 - As with most mammals, rabbits have a dense layer of fur called down (fine hairs too small for the eye to see) that act as insulation in the winter. When the heat turns up, this down falls off, albeit slowly.  So at temperatures of 90’F / 32’C your rabbit may be in danger of over heating if they are still holding a layer of down on their skin.  This makes it harder for their bodies to cool down.  Early signs of over heating can be lethargy, panting and dehydration.  If you are feeling like you need a cold drink, the chances are your rabbit feels exactly the same. Put a cube or two of ice in your rabbits drinking bowl, away from the direct sun.

Tip 2 - If your rabbit is indoors and you don’t have air conditioning, a good quick way to help your rabbit cool down is by freezing a plastic bottle, wrapping it in a tea towel and placing this in the cage next to him/her.  Let your rabbit sit or lie next to it to cool down.

Tip 3 - You may see lop-eared rabbits dipping an ear into the water bowl; this is a great way for your rabbit to cool down. Hot  blood vessels run through their ears and when dipped into the water, take away excess heat and returns their bodies to a more comfortable temperature.

If you don’t have a lop-eared rabbit you can still use this technique by misting their ears with a spray bottle of cold water, slightly dampening them to help the cooling process along.

Tip 4 - Setting up your rabbit’s hutch in an area of the garden or house, which is coolest, is going to take the stress away from their bodies.  Whichever corner, shaded area gets the least amount of direct sun during the day is the ideal space for the cage.  Your rabbit will now be protected against sunstroke.  Keep attention on his water and depending whether the sun moves during the day, you may have to move the cage once more.

If you are leaving your house with your rabbit indoors, close the blinds, curtains and open a window to allow any breeze to flow through.

Heat stroke can affect your rabbit if they’ve been in direct contact with too much sunlight. If your rabbit is unresponsive, uncoordinated or having convulsions, take him to a veterinarian as soon as it’s possible.

From all of us here at Pet Nurses we wish you, your families and your pets a safe and enjoyable Summer.

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Tanya with the Cuddly Rodney the Cat

Tanya Joins the Pet Services Team at Pet Nurses

Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the pet services team, Tanya.  We are so excited to have her on board.  She is utterly committed to the kind care of animals and we are delighted to be working with such a super person.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Tanya trained as a Veterinary Nurse qualifying in 1999.  She has since spent her time in veterinary practice including a year at the Royal Veterinary College in London as a Medical Nurse and four years working for Hill’s Pet Nutrition as a Customer Services Representative/ Nutritional advisor.

Tanya has always been surrounded by animals having grown up on a smallholding in rural Wales where her family kept dogs, a cat, fish, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, goats, a pony, and even two donkeys!!  ”I knew that I always wanted to work with animals ever since I was a little girl; my friends were all into fashion and makeup whilst I spent all my time and money on my pets, especially my pony as a teenager.

After school I studied Music at University, which is my other big passion as well as animals.   Although on completing my degree I knew I didn’t want to do anything other than train to be a Veterinary Nurse.”

Tanya now lives in Wooburn Green with her two young children, cat, two guinea pigs and tropical fish.  She has membership along with her children at Odds Farm locally where they can be found making friends with all the farm animals most weeks.  She is also a keen runner, and still finds time to pick up her flute and sit at the piano when she can.


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Biscuit & Reggie have discovered a temple on their walk with Pet Nurses.

Dog Walking Adventures

Dog Walking Adventures - The sun is shining and Spring is springing after what can only be described as a very WET Winter.  As a dog walker these are the months that really make the job extra special.  The dogs seem to have an extra wag in their tails and bounce in their paws.  The yellow daffodils are all around us, bluebells waking in the woodlands and wildlife is of abundance.At Pet Nurses we always aim to give our dogs a real treat when they come for walks with us.  Not just exercise but a true adventure.  We endeavour to vary the walks we take them on and today I have the pleasure of walking Reggie the Collie & Biscuit the Labrador in Marlow bottom.


During our walk we came across a temple.  There are in fact seven of them hidden on the bank of the valley, each of them individual.  My walk took me to an archway where a notice said ‘Symbolism of the Stupa – Source & Symbol of Peace.’As you can see from the photography, Biscuit & Reggie are very pleased with their discovery today!So although another week and another walk has passed, we feel very lucky and spoilt to have such a selection of nature and scenery to choose from on our doorstep.  When we wake in the morning we are excited to plan the day ahead for our doggies and we think ‘what will I see today?’, and secretly we’re sure that’s what the dogs think too.


If you would like some Pet Nurses loving for your pet, please do get in touch. We look forward to welcoming your fur-baby very soon.

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Merlin the Cat 900 px

Home Visits – While The Parents Are Away, The Cat Will Play

Merlin’s parents are away on holiday and Merlin opted to stay home alone so a home visit was a must.  As a thirteen year old cat, he enjoys the peace and quiet and likes to catch up on his beauty sleep in his favourite place without being disturbed by his parents going up and down the stairs.

When the sun puts in an appearance, Merlin ventures outside to lay on the lawn and soak up some rays.  He’s a proper little sunbather.

Merlin and his parents decided that Merlin would enjoy two visits a day by Pet Nurses and that this would ensure that he has a constant supply of fresh food and fresh water, that the curtains are opened and shut and the lights turned on and off so the house is as secure as possible.

Additionally, Merlin has had some recent health issues so after several visits to his veterinary surgeon his parents felt confident about taking a break away and leaving Merlin in the capable hands of Pet Nurses. If Merlin has any recurrent problems then they can take him to his usual veterinary surgery immediately.

Merlin enjoys attention and being groomed and is partial to dining on something different for each meal… he insists on a clean litter tray!

Look how utterly adorable he is.  I think it’s more a case of ‘while the parents are away, the cat will sleep.’

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Roselle 9:11 hero dog

Roselle, the 9/11 Hero Dog

Roselle, the 9/11 Hero Dog  -  All Pet Nurses’ dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs are very special to us, each in their own individual way.

A bond between owner and canine is an amazing one and in Roselle’s case, a bond that went beyond loyalty and clearly shows true love.  There are countless stories out there of animals going beyond what most expect their capabilities to be, but they never cease to amaze us.

We hope to offer your dog a little fun, a lot of exercise and a friend when their true love can’t be with them.

If you would like to share your story with us of your very own ‘Hero Dog’ or hero animal, we would love to feature them.

Have a super week from the Pet Nurses team.

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Bertie and Poppy - Beautiful Cocker Spaniel Siblings

Bertie and Poppy – Flexible Pet Services

Flexible Pet Services – Bertie the characterful black Cocker Spaniel was introduced to Pet Nurses dog walking pet services in 2008 when he was an only dog living in Marlow with his feline brothers, Archie and Alfie.

Bertie loves playing with tennis balls, flushing pheasants, swimming in the river and playing with all his dog chums.  Bertie also has a real soft side and enjoys big cuddles.

Approximately four years ago I received a phone call from Deb, Bertie’s mum.  ”Hi Lou, do you think you could manage another little one on your walks!? Bertie has a sister!”  And so Poppy came to join our gang.

Poppy is a young girl, gentle, sweet and certainly loving towards Bertie. She follows him EVERYWHERE!

Popster and Bert’s now live in a beautiful house in Bourne End.  Jessica loves to be greeted by them most weekday mornings, with a full body wag ready for their Pet Nurses walk.

The Cocker Spaniel siblings are a great example of how Pet Nurses has evolved over the years.  We try very hard to be adaptable and flexible whether it be a house move, a new member of the family or a short break away.  We aim to make things easier for you and hopefully a little better for your four-legged family.

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Bruno the Puppy exploring under careful supervision of Pet Nurses

Bespoke Puppy Services

Bruno is a lively six months old Golden Retriever puppy who’s owner works part time.

As a large breed (over 25kg when fully grown) Bruno is unable to join our regular one to one and a half hour walks until he is twelve to eighteen months of age, whilst his bones and joints are developing. Over exercising when young can cause long term problems  and pain later in life.

Pet Nurses offer Bruno a bespoke service; he is collected from his home, taken for a twenty minute walk in a variety of places e.g. woodland, farmland, street walks and even Bray Wick nature reserve.  During these walks he is learning valuable life skills to help him become a confident, happy and well socialised adult dog.

We also do a little training, and practice sitting, ‘stay’, recall and walking calmly! A big ask for an active little bundle.
Bruno gets physical exercise, the chance to go to the toilet but also a great deal of mental stimulation.  He has the opportunity to meet and play with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, socialise with children and he’s also come across a baby lamb!

On his street walks Bruno is getting used to noisy traffic sounds and seeing other people walking past that may or may not want to stop and say ‘hello’.  Bruno sees other dogs on the lead that he must walk past nicely and sometimes bicycles whizz by too.

After Bruno’s adventures he is cleaned and returns home for a well earned rest. The world through a puppy’s eyes… a truly amazing (but sometimes a little scary) place!

Would you like to see more photographs of Bruno?  Please go visit our Gallery.
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Annabel, Pax (L) and Sock (R)

How Was Your Half-Term?

How was your half-term?  If you have pets as well as little people, chances are term break was pretty busy for you.  However, it’s a wonderful opportunity for our little people and our pets to further bond with all that extra time they can enjoy spending together.

It’s great for children to grow up with pets and teaches them love, care, responsibility and companionship.  When I was growing up my golden retriever, Disney was my very best friend. He kept all my secrets and was great fun to play with in the park or at home.

Dogs and cats both thrive on routine and for them half term breaks and holidays can be a little odd.  If your dog usually sleeps a lot during your working day, he may have felt a little tired with the house buzzing last week.

If you find yourself out on day trips and not home at the usual after school time, your pet may have been wondering what has happened.

At pet nurses we pride ourselves on a personal service, both to you and to your pet.  Please consider booking us during any of the school holiday breaks.  We are always happy to be flexible and try very hard to accommodate last minute requests.   Enjoy the rest of your week folks, Lou.

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A Wet and Windy Dog Walk with your Fur Companion

Wet doggie - We think finns rather than wellies this week.After yet another damp and muddy week we are all beginning to feel as if finns rather than wellies would be appropriate!  A break in weather would be much appreciated by many owners but we walk your four-legged family members come what may weather-wise.

We have welcomed three new four-legged, hairy friends to our walks this week and they have all enjoyed the anticipation and excitement of walks with Pet Nurses.  If you don’t enjoy wet and windy walks with your fur-companions, please call us… we’ll be happy to help.

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