Louise Hearne

Louise HearneLouise Hearne - Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Louise was born and bred in Maidenhead; she has lived there her whole life!

She is married to David with two children, Annabel and Cameron.
Louise and her family have a Collie x GSD called Daisy May Hearne and three cats named Oscar, Martha and Matilda.
“I travelled for six months through Asia, Australia, New Zealand and USA when I was 22years old.In Southern Thailand I spent a week volunteering for Soi Dogs, a charity dedicated to neutering street dogs in an attemp to reduce the stray dog population.

In Northern Thailand, near Chang Mai I spent time at an elephant sanctuary where elephants were rescued and rehabilitated, mainly from the tourist trade and illegal logging trade.

Elephant Nature Park became the theme for my wedding and each table at the reception was named after one of the special elephants that I had the pleasure of meeting.

In Canberra, Australia I worked as a Veterinary Nurse and came across kangaroos, possums and koala bears.  Off the coast of Perth on Rottnest Island I saw the largest colony of quokka, approximately 10,000 live on the 19km2 island.

In 2009, my honeymoon took me (& Dave came along too!) to Borneo where I visited the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sepilok.  Unfortunately, a huge amount of natural habitat has been destroyed due to palm oil plantations causing orangutans a great deal of stress and harm.  I enjoyed my travels a great deal and hold dear the memories of being in the company of such amazing animals.

“When i’m not out walking dogs, taking care of cats & bunnies or at the park with the kids,  I enjoy Jazzercise and I am planning to do a mini triathlon at Dorney Lake this summer. Wish me luck!”

A Little More About Louise…
“I have likely consumed more than my own weight in Haribo sweets. My favourite is tangfastic!
I also find it pretty much impossible to not eat the entire box of chocolate fingers. Once opened they never get returned to the cupboard. Oh and I DON’T share!  Naughty me!”