Jessica Evans

Jess Profile pxJessica Evans – Qualified Veterinary Nurse

Jessica qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1998 and has enjoyed her role working as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse up to Head Veterinary Nurse and with all that it brings, especially the hands-on work with the animals.  She was lucky enough to take a year out in 2006/7 and did a whole world tour, something that she had planned from a very young age. On her return she went back in to a Head Nurse position and then went on to become an Internal Verifier over seeing the training of Vet Nurses within practice; this role that took her all over the place.

Jess then started working with Pet Nurses in 2007 on an adhoc basis, taking holiday from her own job to help out with busy times or holiday cover.  She also enjoys dogs staying over night, inviting doggies into her own home.

She loved the role so much that when she was made redundant in 2009, she stepped in full-time to do a six month maternity cover….and never left!

“I’ve always loved animals as I grew up on an old farm and my dad was always bringing something home to be fixed up. We have had loads of pets and wildlife to care for and the list is endless and too many to name.  I also used to foster guinea pigs for the RSPCA. I think guinea pigs are the best pets for anyone and just so cute.

I currently have Lobo my German shepherd rescue (we have always had GSDs as our family dog) Maloo, my silver tabby cat and two horses, mother and son.

I regularly take dogs for home stays where they stay as part of the family when their owners are away and Lobo loves it. He always has someone new to meet and play with and he especially loves it when his long-term friends return to see him. So every day is a mad animal day in my house… just how I love it.”